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We search and compare every single tariff available from every single supplier in the UK. Our average saving is £232.37** per annum

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Get cheaper car insurance quotes now we search over 100 insurance providers to find you the right deal

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Search over 100 UK insurance companies to fine the best quote for your home insurance.

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Find the perfect deal on your home broadband services with our fast broadband suppliers

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There is approximately 26 million householders in the UK, but only about  250,000 homeowners each month  take the opportunity to save an average of £400 on their house hold bills by switching gas, electric, water, phones & broadband, home and car insurance providers.

With it follows that only 4.0 million householders is taking this opportunity to switch utility providers so done miss out do the switch with the switch company and start saving today.

Our gas, electricity and telephone calculators are Consumer Focus and Ofcom accredited. That means you'll see all suppliers and tariffs displayed impartially live on your screen. It's free quick and easy to switch; you don't even need a bill to hand. Just answer a few simple questions to find out much you'll save and you can switch in minutes. Whatever your choice you can relax safe in the knowledge that you've found a great deal for your home and family every time.

You may even find a better deal from your current supplier without switching. The switch company mission is to helping the millions of householders in the UK with the opportunity to switch gas electric and insurance providers and start saving money on all utility bills by switching with the switch company.

 It's as simple as 1 2 3 switch and save


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